Prominent Profile in Philanthropy: Henry Kravis

There are those who are in business for business, and those who are in it to make the world a better place.  In the interest of keeping up-to-date in philanthropy we are profiling those individuals who take time out of their lives to make the world a better place.  One such businessman is Henry Kravis.

Henry Kravis is perhaps best known for his work in the board room as a founding partner of KKR & Co. But behind the scenes private equity mogul Henry Kravis does more than his share of charitable activities, working on projects that support everything from social and community development to education.

In partnership with Claremont McKenna College, Kravis’ alma mater, Kravis supports the Henry Kravis Leadership Institute. The organization sponsors the programs and training of future leaders of the school and, with Kravis’ help, the school has also been able to construct several new facilities including the Eaglebrook School, Deerfield Academy, and the Loomis Chaffee School.

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Prominent Profile in Philanthropy: Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke
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In the interest of exploring issues in philanthropy we are profiling prominent individuals in the field.  One such person is Brooke Burke.

Brooke Burke is the co-founder of the ModernMom Channel on YouTube, a free channel offering meaningful ideas, inspiration, and entertainment to mothers and parents. She also started a company called Baboosh Baby, which offered products and advice for pregnant women.

The oldest of nine children, Brooke Burke probably grew up with plenty of experience taking care of her younger siblings.  It makes sense that, as an adult, she would focus her attention on helping moms and pregnant women.

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