Meghan Markle Pays Visit to South African Charity

Meghan Markle is in the news again, but this time it’s not about her chic style or royal status—it’s about her kind heart.

On Wednesday, the Duchess of Sussex paid a visit to mothers2mothers charity, a nonprofit organization based in South Africa that trains and employs HIV positive women as community health workers.

During her visit, Markle donated two large bags of “loved but outgrown” children’s clothes. Some of the items belonged to her five-month-old son, Archie; the rest were provided by family friends.

According to People Magazine, Markle also donated pens, books, and other gifts. She spent much of her visit sitting on the floor with the other mothers while the children played.

“She sat down and within a few moments, she saw that the babies were all being held by their mothers,” said Frank Beadle de Palomo, president and CEO of mothers2mothers charity. “She saw the play mat, she said, ‘Let’s get these babies on the ground.’ She sat on the ground with us. She pulled us down and she just engaged with the children.”

Limpho Nteko, a 29-year-old mother of two who works for the charity, shared her personal story with Markle. Nteko, who came to mothers2mothers in 2013, had already lost one child to HIV. However, she has since had two more who were born HIV negative.

“She was amazing,” Nteko said. “She mentioned that she is a mom as well. She enjoyed playing and at the same time she was paying attention to what the mothers were saying and picking up on what important points they mentioned. That was actually quite amazing.

“I totally forgot she was a duchess. Even though I was nervous, when she entered the room everything was so normal! She’s an incredible person. She makes everyone feel welcomed. She warmed up the place.”