"Never respect men merely for their riches, but rather for their philanthropy; we do not value the sun for its height, but for its use." -Gamaliel Bailey

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StreetWise Partners Raises $275K at Annual Charity Poker Event

Poker Chips

Founded in 1997, nonprofit organization StreetWise Partners works tirelessly to assist disadvantaged, low-income individuals by helping them realize their career potential, and provide them with the skills they need to empower themselves through work. The organization’s Board of Directors includes Chairman Anton Levy, a Managing Director at General Atlantic, Vice-Chairman Orlando Ashford of Holland America […]

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Helping Homeless Families


The common image of homelessness is a man in layers of ragged clothing, begging for change in a big city. This is, however, far from the full picture. Most people don’t think that much about the issue, and so many aspects of homelessness get ignored. One of those aspects, often overlooked by even the most […]

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Lincoln Center Receives Significant Donation

Lincoln Center

David Geffen, entertainment industry mogul and cofounder of DreamWorks animation, has made a sizable donation to the Lincoln Center in New York City. Geffen will donate $100 million to the Lincoln Center. Geffen is in good company, as a group of highly successful and philanthropic individuals oversee the Lincoln Center as well; among the board […]

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Students Learn About Philanthropy Through MicroBank Club

When you think of high school students and finances, you might imagine a classroom where students are being taught how to manage a budget or student loans; or perhaps you might imagine a student working a part-time job after school to learn the benefits of hard work and earning a living. However, students at The […]

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Sally Young and Charlie Batch Commencement Speakers at EMU

Sally Young, a metro Detroit native and Emmy award-winning producer famous for her work on “Modern Family”, and former NFL player Charlie Batch will be the commencement speakers at Eastern Michigan University at EMU’s Convocation Center on April 26th. Both Young and Batch are EMU alumni. Young, a ’72 graduate, will be awarded an honorary […]

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The Power of Social Enterprise

The social enterprise is a shining example of the fusion of social change and business savvy, put to work for a philanthropic purpose. Social enterprises capture the smarts and tactics of the big business world to provide great professional opportunities to those who need them the most. Social enterprises have the potential to deeply impact […]

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Donna Shalala to Lead Clinton Foundation

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has chosen Donna E. Shalala to lead the organization’s sprawling philanthropy initiative, former President Bill Clinton announced on Friday. Shalala was a cabinet member in the Clinton administration and is an old friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s. Ms. Shalala, 74, is currently president of the University of Miami. […]

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Penn State Students Dance for Pediatric Cancer


Leave it to a group of college kids to get creative in their effort to be fight cancer. The IFC/PanHellentic Dance Marathon, also referred to as THON, is an annual happening at Penn State University that culminates with a massive event to raise awareness and funds to fight Pediatric Cancer. According to The Huffington Post, […]

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Ways to Make the World Better Just by Using the Internet

Digital Philanthropy

In the Digital Age, people are used to instant results. You can search for anything online in mere seconds, order food that’s delivered to your door just by using an app, and purchase items from around the world with just a few clicks. Happily, this consumer-driven need for instant gratification can be used for good […]

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A Man is Listening to 168 hours of Nickelback for Charity


  People are willing to do all sorts of crazy things for a good cause; be it dangerous, humiliating or torturous, it’s amazing how far some do-gooders are willing to go for charity. On Monday, podcaster and Relevant magazine contributing editor Jesse Carey began a self-imposed “ultimate test of endurance” which involved listening to Nickelback’s […]

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